Welcome to Noor Massage

Welcome to Noor Massage! You are about to learn more about the wonderful enjoyment of massage!

Our name is “Noor” because it means “light”. Light comes from the Sun. The Sun is sending us all the warmth and energy the Earth needs to have life —and us human beings. Light is a nurturing source of energy. What would life look like without the light?

But “Noor” is much more. It is the spiritual light responsible for our happiness, serenity and inner peace. Finding Noor and being under its benefits is something good for our bodies and minds. Balance is the key. Balance for body and mind.

Now it’s time for you to take the step to enjoy the best massage. All of our professional masseuses are awaiting your call.

Again, welcome to Noor Massage! Explore our massage services and call us to find out information in even more detail!