How Noor Massage works?

How it works

Noor Massage booking makes it extremely easy!

So just choose the city you are in, then check the ladies. Finally please select the massage menu you would like to enjoy.

Then please follow these 5 items checklist:

  • City
  • Hotel
  • Street address
  • Room number
  • Time

After please contact us using the way that fits you best:

  • Phone
  • SMS
  • whatsApp

You can also use e-mail, though please have in mind it is only for bookings ahead of time. So never for the next hour!

After filling in this items place your order with this additional information.

  • Name of the masseuse
  • Or “first available masseuse”
  • Massage Menu, time length and total price
  • Your first name

That’s it!

As you can see, you finally have a firm request done in seconds.

So it is a two stepped process: your decision and your call.

Isn’t it easy?

Because we want to be efficient!

Please use the following pages to select your massage menu and our direct contact.

Please feel free to ask our available masseuses catalog over the phone!

Noor Massage policies

Our first goal is your satisfaction.

As you can see we want to be cost-efficient and time-efficient. So please follow these easy steps to help yourself!

Noor massage booking out-call service

Noor Massage is one of the first out-call services ever started in Barcelona and Madrid.

Before 2011 this service was sometimes offered by a few massage studios. Though it was not a clear division of the parlours. It was a service the parlours accepted to do when a client requested it with some insistence.

So we have  then longest experience counting in years and in service amount.

It is also relevant the fact we are earning the highest amount of recurring customers.

because we always focus on the best quality service. In all aspects!

Noor massage in-call service

Though we are basically an out-call massage service we also own our professional massage studio. So you can visit us anytime at our private and discrete place!

Please call to make a reservation! We are usually busy so we need your previous appointment.