Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage

We are frequently asked about “happy ending massage”. What is it? How far can this erotic massage go? Is happy ending including oral sex os some other kinds of sexual techniques?

Happy ending and erotic massage

The happy ending or lingam massage is a classic feature of erotic massages. In Sanskrit language “lingam massage” means penis massage. We will get back to this concept on another post on this blog.

The magic of erotic massage

During the time of the massage you will be sexually excited on many body parts, not just your sexual parts. The lady will avoid your climaxing, she is in control and will deliver a really long and lasting bodywork.

Happy ending is a relevant part to the magic of erotic massage and Tantra massage! Spending quality time, stretching the experience into a longer session that will bring you a deeper and more satisfying experience.

After an erotic massage you will feel extremely released, stress will be a forgotten word and you will face your life without no kind of guilt. Erotic massage is not cheating.

What is Happy ending?

Happy ending is nothing else than climaxing. This term is used to trick advertising policies on offline newspapers and also online. It is a kind of euphemism. This term tries to be nice and elegant. After some time it has become a little tacky.

Our attitude is always professional and elegant. We don’t offer happy ending right away but in the context of our very elaborate erotic massage. Yes we are earning amazing testimonials. There are some other comments are “you are much best than your competitors” which we don’t like to include in our testimonials. But this is something that can give you an idea of our best quality happy ending massage.

More than just happy ending

Our techniques are much more elaborated than a simple jerk off. We are using the blissful techniques of lingam massage. We will speak about lingam massage, its techniques and the amazing benefits in sensual pleasure, sexual excitement and the final release it allows you to enjoy.

Happy ending and erotic massage

Happy ending is one of the most relevant features included in erotic massages. If you want to learn more about erotic massages please check our post describing it.

Please go on exploring our website contents about out-call erotic massage, our ladies in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Valencia and our massage services!


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