Noor Massage Testimonials

“I have booked a Noor Massage service during a short travel in Barcelona. Very professional company, 100% reliable.”

About Us

So we are Noor Massage! Our massage service is absolutely quality oriented and possibly the most convenient one for you.

Because we’d like to make life much easier for you! Both by saving you time and money.

Also the fact that our goal is serving you wherever you are. Any of our professional female masseuses and male masseurs will travel to your hotel. Or eventually to your apartment. Just to serve you right there, “in situ“, your best massage ever!

Noor Massage’s main asset is the masseuses team. Because all of us are professional therapists with a specific training for the best massage styles. So we are excellent on whatever massage kind you enjoy the most.

Though we can’t stress enough that quality is the difference between us and any other massage service. All of our masseuses and masseurs are the pickiest choice among the best professional ladies and young men. And also among the nicest facial beauties. We believe in careful selection —only from among the very best!

Most of our masseuses and masseurs are also fluent in English and other languages. Some specific masseurs can speak Arabic, Russian, Italian or French. Also German. Please ask us if communication is relevant to deliver the best service for you.

Please read more about our services and all the options available to you.

Because we are quite certain you’ll absolutely adore at least two of our ladies! So pelase check erotic masseuses!

We are serving in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Valencia. More Spanish cities to come soon though!

Your satisfaction is our goal!

Noor Massage


It is very easy to contact us! There is a contact kind that will sure fit your preferences! We are answering the phone and all other devices from 10 AM to 11 PM. Sometimes also until past midnight! —Spanish local time.

Voice call

This is the most effective way to make an immediate massage booking. Perfect for last minute calls and also to plan ahead a session +34 618 580 708


Just send us a message explaining in which hotel you are living. Also the massage menu you are thinking of! Please use the same number as for voice calls. Maybe you need us to guide you through this process? Then please be specific and answer our questions so we can help you in an efficient way.


Please use the same number as for SMS messaging and voice calls. It is relevant you understand we are no chatting but making reservations.

e-mail This is the best way to plan ahead of time. Are you visiting Spain in the next weeks? Set up your massage with Noor Massage by choosing your favourite masseuse to block her just for you. Please have in mind that e-mail booking is not efficient for last minute calls!

Additional information

In order to make your booking the most efficient please include your details as:
  • City, Hotel and address
  • Room number
  • Massage kind and price
  • Desired masseuse
  • Desired massage time
  • Your first name

Specific information

You have access to the full specific information about our massage service on this website: We also have a specific FAQs page. Here you will find answers to almost everything! If still having questions please contact us directly. See you soon in your hotel room in Spain!


Massages to choose from? How many choices do you need? So let’s give you some interesting ideas!

We are absolutely certain you will find here the massage you are craving for now!

Choose from 4 massage menus. The difference is massage intensity. The longer the time, the more massage features are included.

Our Massages

Relaxing Massage

You deserve some deep peace to balance body and mind.

Therapy Massage

Take sensuality as a wellness therapy!


  • Easy booking: just call now: +34 618580708
  • For express booking please send us an SMS with your detailed information: hotel, room number and appointment time.

We are also offering special features as Showering and other specific massages.

Please choose among all out ladies by requesting our catalog.

Call us to ask which massage session includes your special request.

Noor Massage

Noor Massage Testimonials

“I have booked a Noor Massage service during a short travel in Barcelona. Very professional company, 100% reliable.”